Thursday, September 13, 2007

number two

I've got this thing on my blog called Site Meter (if you blog, you've probably got it, too, or something like it), and it lists, among other information, all the URLs through which people link to this site. It seems that several visitors have found it by Googlin' the words "pickle dog", which, I think you'll agree, is kind of a weird thing to search for (though perhaps less weird than "smell of boobs", another search that has led one or two folks to this page). So, today, I did some investigating (by which I mean I typed two words and clicked a button), and found that Newmanpicturesblog is number two in Google search engine rankings for "pickle dog". Number two! I don't know what that means, but I am honored, nonetheless.

Thank you, people probably looking for this, the number one ranked "pickle dog" site, or perhaps some savory tubed meat, for giving Newmanpicturesblog its moment in the sun.

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