Wednesday, February 22, 2012

phoebe & digger

Tricia Springstubb's Phoebe & Digger, which I had the great pleasure of illustrating, is also complete! It'll be published by Candlewick Press a few months after Rabbit's Snow Dance, on February 12, 2013, just in time to resolve your President's Day shopping dilemmas. Here's a peek:

Sunday, February 19, 2012


No more saying I hate brussel sprouts without trying them, first.

I finally joined Twitter. Mostly in a desperate attempt to halt the ageing process, and partly because everyone else is. And I'm still not sure what to do there. Rather, I'm still not sure what I SHOULD be doing there. So far, I've tweeted three times, which sounds exactly like what that phrase sounds like it should mean. I've tweeted, and all three Tweets continue to just sit there in a metaphorical basin, waiting for a metaphorical flush, or a metaphorical...what exactly is the bathroom-centric behavioral equivalent of someone reading and re-tweeting your Tweet? Is that question good fodder for a Tweet? Is fodder a good name for a Tweet that no one reads?

Sweet Zeus.

I've got a lot to figure out. It would be dangerous to let me do it alone.

Friday, February 17, 2012

a very special blog post iv: the necronomicon edition

Colin, from Decatur, Georgia, is the undisputed (and completely unchallenged) winner of The Great Shrinky-Dink Giveaway, the Fourth! And for the first time in this contests long and storied history, I received a "gift", in return: a wonderful poem, written by our winner, that I soon discovered is not a poem, at all, but some kind of wizard's incantation. How do I know this? The same way I always know when I've gazed upon forbidden lore: lightning, and lots of it, shooting out of my bloody eye sockets and killing everything I've ever loved. H-duh.

Please stick around for more chances to win a Shrinky-Dink (and perhaps other more substantial prizes) in the near future, which is really all we have left if this primordial text I'm reading is corre...GAH!

Rest in peace, Fido.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

revenge of the great shrinky dink giveaway

Thirty-eight years ago (give or take), I started this thing on my blog called The Great-Shrinky Dink Giveaway, in which I Giveaway Dink-Shrinky, great. The.


Okay, it's like this: I gave a one-of-a-kind Shrinky Dink, with an illustration by yours truly, to the first person that sent an email to with the subject line "dink". If I had met that person in person, if I we had so much as looked at one another askance during the Color Me Badd show at the Worcester Centrum in 1991 (you know who you are), then they got zilch. If I hadn't, then they got a Shrinky-Dink. Now, I'm not gonna lie to you. We had some issues. Alternate timelimes. Pacts with Beelzebub. Shit like that. I don't want to get into it.

All you need to know Shrinky-Dink! You're going to die, anyway. Might as well do it with an extra piece of plastic. Throw it on your miser-pile. Eat it. I don't care. Email me, win, and we'll work out the shipping details, later. Good luck, friends. And by friends, I mean complete strangers.

Newmanpicturesblog is in no way affiliated with Shrinky-Dinks or K & B Innovations, Inc., and is not responsible.

remember joe

Monday, February 13, 2012

rabbit's snow dance

Rabbit's Snow Dance, published by Dial Books for Young Readers, written by James and Joseph Bruchac, and illustrated by me, is in the can! The proverbial one. I don't think it belongs in the trash. I'm actually pretty fond of it. I hope you will be, too. Pick it up wherever you buy books on November 8, 2012.

cat and dog

Thursday, February 2, 2012