Sunday, February 19, 2012


No more saying I hate brussel sprouts without trying them, first.

I finally joined Twitter. Mostly in a desperate attempt to halt the ageing process, and partly because everyone else is. And I'm still not sure what to do there. Rather, I'm still not sure what I SHOULD be doing there. So far, I've tweeted three times, which sounds exactly like what that phrase sounds like it should mean. I've tweeted, and all three Tweets continue to just sit there in a metaphorical basin, waiting for a metaphorical flush, or a metaphorical...what exactly is the bathroom-centric behavioral equivalent of someone reading and re-tweeting your Tweet? Is that question good fodder for a Tweet? Is fodder a good name for a Tweet that no one reads?

Sweet Zeus.

I've got a lot to figure out. It would be dangerous to let me do it alone.

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