Wednesday, October 10, 2007

the cat voice

I'm not a traditional blogger, in the sense that I don't use this blog as a personal diary. The reason for that is because I find my day-to-day experiences mostly dull, with the occasional weird moment thrown in to keep me from hanging myself in the shower (sorry, kids). So, I try to stick to making new things (drawings, stories, so on) based on my experiences, rather than reliving them blow by blow.

Since the beginning of October, as you may have noticed, I have not produced a single post. That's because real life has been happening way too much. For instance, last Wednesday:

Which got me wondering a) how long I could live on my savings, b) how I could possibly find such a sweet job stuffing envelopes ever again, and c) if the five-second rule applies to a hamburger dropped in a garbage can. But I didn't want to write about that, because how is that interesting in any way, and why the hell would I want to dwell on it?

And then, the next day:

For the record, this wasn't for anything felony-related. I was two days late with a tax installment payment. Apparently, this grants the government the authority to kill you.

Fortunately, I cried and got them to take pity on me. Unfortunately, I didn't stop crying for three days, and that made it difficult to want to do anything except watch Beauty and the Geek and eat Bugles and talk to the cat in the cat voice.

But I'm feeling much better, now.


Anonymous said...

Dude, that's a bummer. Hey, I'm in MKE and my interactive marketing agency is hiring an Art Director and other creative positions. Let me know if you want to check it out.

Missy said...

Is your cat's toungue broken too? I hope you are feeling better and that you actually like bugles.

Jeff Newman said...

Thanks, guys. I'm willing to give anything a look, so please send job opportunities to Spare change can be sent directly to my home address.

AmyTorrey said...

thank you baby Jesus, for June the cat!