Tuesday, July 26, 2011

gary chocolate-bear will never meet freddy krueger

Gary Chocolate-Bear’s only desire was to box with and defeat Freddy Krueger in a third round knockout at Madison Square Garden on the 8th of May, 2019. So, he was pretty upset when the world exploded a full seven years before his dream could be realized.

As he and the rest of the Chocolate-Bears, who were understandably dead, slowly spun across the great expanse of the Milky Way, Gary wondered aloud what caused him to harbor such a ridiculous ambition in the first place.

“Eggs,” said the uninterred skeleton of Mussolini.
“No,” said Gary. “It can’t be that simple.”
Musskeletini sighed, “You’re right. I just hate to see you sad.”
Gary patted him on the spine. “You’ve always been a good friend.”

But you and I know Gary was only being kind. He’d never forgiven his companion for that one time with the thing and everything.

The End.

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