Thursday, February 8, 2007

making friends

There's an author/illustrator who's work I admire-let's call him Sir Albert Twomblypants-and after reading his (presumably) self-written biography on his website, and concluding that he seems like a really down-to-earth guy, I thought I'd write to him and

Exactly. I don't know what to say, and so I still haven't written to him. Let me rephrase that: I do know what to say (I said it it the first paragraph-I really admire his work), but I'm worried that my primary intention isn't to compliment him (although I really do like his work).

I can't speak for other authors or illustrators, but I've found it incredibly difficult to meet and develop friendships with my peers. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, if I'm doing anything wrong, if my distance from the hub of the publishing world matters (I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and it seems like every artist I know lives on the East Coast), if I smell like trash, or if it's some kind of combination of elements that are conspiring against my attempts at making friends. I can't even blame the fact that I'm shy, anymore, primarily because I'm thirty years old, and it's creepy to describe myself that way, but also because I'm not, one-on-one (groups of people are another story).

So, my lack of luck/skill/charisma in befriending fellow artists has, perhaps, led me to considering writing to someone to ask if he'll be my pal, under the guise of complimenting his work.

Did I mention I really do like his work?

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erik said...

Hey Jeff -- a fellow picture book author & illustrator here writing from a somewhat remote hovel in North Cascade mountains of Washington State.

Not super accomplished at "making friends" with other authors/illustrators out there yet myself, but I hope to make it happen someday.

Really liked your work in Hippo, and was drawn to it right away as I had some cover illustration work (The reborn Jenny Archer series) in that same spring-summer catalog from LB.

Anyway, I'll look forward to seeing what you're up to next. Keep up the fine work!