Wednesday, February 14, 2007

more fun with translation

On my blog (or "plog"), I wrote about what happens when Google tries to translate the Japanese language to English (to summarize, the results are as mixed-up and hilarious as an episode of Mama's Family). Now, I've found a review of Hippo! No, Rhino on Asuka's Booktree (complete with a little illustration of a camera next to it--in fact, all the reviews on the site include a picture of some object that appears in the reviewed book), that I'd really like to read, but, of course, it's in Japanese, too. From what I can make of it, it sounds really positive...or extremely negative. Or somewhere in between. All I know is that the second paragraph sounds like the most in-depth analysis of a picture book, ever. Then again, it may be the translated way to say "book=dumb". You decide for yourself:

In cover of picture book, “HIPPO! - - It is the hippopotamus!”In voice the face the rhinoceros of a head which grimaces. Dissatisfaction so, “it is different, it is the rhinoceros!”With the [bu] and it is. Signboard letter inside the zoo the [bu] of just one word and feelings story 'Hippo of the rhinoceros which is put together with coming! No and Rhino (Alex Toys)', the arrow “of the hippopotamus” was put out, “the rhinoceros” insisting oneself eagerly, until it recovers pride, the form is drawn. Everything originates with in the uncle present callous of the management person in charge whom between comes out.

The circumstance which is similar to the rhinoceros is thought sufficiently even in society and the school. If in the United States, it is placid, as the shadow is thin there is many a thing which faces disadvantageous circumstance. Unless you insist, unless (it is = complaint,) you make become aware, it is the society. Proverb (Squeaky wheel gets the oil.) even it is the extent which is. However the heart which is lacking in consideration after the lonesome social shelf you think, self insistence is recognized as proper right. So, only such people get together when, becomes the society which skinnily, frays, is, don't you think?. Now even now you do not know well whether it is good, whether how is.

As for story, the boy who the rhinoceros knows the thing of the rhinoceros being, one case settlement. So, the uncle cod of the pretending ignorance management person in charge, the fact that again it comes out is done.......

Illustration of the water color ink, is not with that, seventies winds. The uncle of the management person in charge with the long hair, also the person who comes out is what, only the Beatles like person. Complexion is green, is yellow, is blue. A little, perhaps the illustration which has habit.

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alvina said...

hahaha--wow, this is awesome. I didn't realize your book was so...deep. Symbolic of society and cultures.