Tuesday, March 13, 2007

the great shrinky-dink giveaway

In an effort to promote readership (and viewership) of this blog, I've decided to periodically sponsor a contest in which one lucky patron will receive an original piece of Shrinky-Dink art, created by yours truly.

To claim this first stunning example of hand-crafted finery, you must:

A) Not know me (in the biblical sense, or through familial/friend relationships).

B) Be the first to send an email with the subject line "dink", and your name and mailing address to jeff@newmanpictures.com.

C) That's it.

The winner will receive his or her prize within 10-14 days from the date of contest end (which will be celebrated with a very special blog post). Winners outside of the United States can expect to wait...longer.

Newmanpicturesblog is in no way affiliated with Shrinky-Dinks or K & B Innovations, Inc., and does not accept responsibility for injuries related to Shrinky-Dink mishandling.

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