Saturday, April 21, 2007

hippo in omro

Well, I'm back from yesterday's reading of Hippo! No, Rhino at Omro Elementary School, and, although I was prepared to return with a great fiasco story for you (which are the most entertaining stories to read, as far as I'm concerned), the whole event went off without a hitch. Even my oft-alluded to stage fright took the day off. In fact, the only thing that didn't go as planned was my attempt at making drawings based on audience suggestions (an activity inspired by Anna Alter's knitting monkey). Don't get me wrong, the kids seemed to love it. But they couldn't see the flop sweat on my brow as I struggled to make a credible drawing of a rollerskating rabbit holding a piece of birthday cake. If anyone tells you that drawing a rollerskating rabbit holding a piece of birthday cake is easy, they are lying. And they are probably a vampire.

A sincere thank you to Krista Ledbetter, who chronicled the day's events at, Mrs. Butkiewicz, Mrs. Sphatt, Mrs. Schiessel, Mrs. Babcock, Kathy Wirth, and all the fantastic second graders of Omro Elementary, including Ciera, Amber, Taylor (my self-proclaimed biggest fan), and Logan, who was a little bummed that I was not Ryan Newman, the NASCAR driver, but wanted my autograph just the same, for making it such a rewarding experience. There isn't a bad apple in that bunch.

I did, however, run afoul of some third grade toughs that tried to shake me down for my lunch money. Karate ensued.

If only they'd followed the rules.

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