Thursday, May 17, 2007

bride of the great shrinky dink giveaway

The Great Shrink-Dink Giveaway is this deal where I give away Shrinky-Dink art to people that email me. I know, it's crazy.

Well, I'm doing it again, and it really couldn't be any easier to win. I mean that. I literally can not make this contest any less difficult. To even call it a contest is bordering on fraud. There is no skill involved, whatsoever. All you need is a pokey thing to type with, the eye of the tiger, and a valid mailing address. You can even use someone else's address, if you don't have one of your own. But it should probably belong to someone you know. It can get a little awkward if you're caught trying to collect your prize from a stranger's mailbox. Believe me. One minute, you're rooting through some schmuck's bills, and the next you're in Cell Block 8, training a mouse to do your bidding.

Okay, so you've got a pokey thing, the will to survive, and someone's mailing address. Now, what? Simple. Open up an email, type the word "dink" in the subject line, send it to, and swear eternal allegiance to whichever dark master you serve in exchange for victory in The Great Shrinky-Dink Giveaway Mach III. If you're the first person to follow this procedure correctly, you'll know it because A) I'll tell you so, and B) you'll feel a persistent chill indicating you no longer have a soul. Congratulations! I hope it was worth it.

Newmanpicturesblog is in no way affiliated with Shrinky-Dinks or K & B Innovations, Inc., and will not be held accountable for car accidents linked to Shrinky-Dink slippage. Or herpes.

Dark masters do not guarantee Shrinky-Dinks in return for eternal allegiance.


Anonymous said... have an awful lot of time on your hands. "Dink"

Dark master Daffy Duck

Anonymous said...

I was badly burned by a fresh out of the oven Shrinky Dink when I was a kid. Maybe if I confronted one now, I could overcome the emotional suffering. It was Daffy Duck who burned me. For years I blamed Donald due to the mind numbing trauma and the misshapen scar, but last Saturday I caught a glimpse of a Nick’at Nite all night Looneytoons marathon and there he was, retro Daffy. He was bouncing around and woo hooing just like that stupid "No Doubt" chick's song that keeps playing out of my supervisor’s office. That's when it all came flooding back to me.
Anyway's. I hope that this is enought to win me the Shrinky Dink