Tuesday, May 22, 2007

tuesdays with june 2

The following is a transcript of the second in a series of interviews with my cat, in which she reminisces about her pre-adoptive life. We call it "Tuesdays with June".

NEWMANPICTURESBLOG: Okay, here we are, the second part of our interview...

JUNE: That's correct.

NPB: ...and we're going to discuss your parents. Your biological parents.

JUNE: Yes.

NPB: Now, what were they like?

JUNE: Brown.

NPB: Anything else?

JUNE: Yes...

NPB: Anything else that isn't also the description of characters from a classic novel?

JUNE: ...

NPB: ...

JUNE: (coughs)

NPB: ...

JUNE: ...Thank you for having me.

Join us next time for the third part of the "Tuesdays with June" series, when we discuss my cat's formative years, and she admits to a celebrity crush (spoiler alert: it's Joshua Jackson!).

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